ella&il - How They Established Themselves as one of Norway's Strongest Brands

ella&il was founded in 2014 with a passion for designing and creating timeless designs meant to endure. Since then, the company has become a gazelle, establishing itself as one of the most influential players in the Norwegian textile industry.

360 Logistics is proud to have partnered with ella&il since 2019. With a customer-centric approach and a desire to deliver high-quality comfortable textiles, ella&il faced growing demand in both the B2C and B2B segments. This required a logistical solution that could meet their expanding needs.

“Our core competence is creating timeless and feminine classics designed to last year after year. Therefore, it was natural for us to seek a logistics partner. 360 Logistics has proven to be the reliable partner we needed, demonstrating the ability to scale logistical solutions according to ella&il’s requirements.”

Lene Holmen-Jensen, Co-Founder and General Manager

Through dedicated work and quality products, ella&il has built one of the strongest brands in the Norwegian clothing industry. Since 2020, they have experienced impressive revenue growth of 130%, earning them the title of Gazelle company. Their ambitious vision has also led to expanding their presence in international markets.


To assist in ella&il’s international growth, 360 Logistics, in collaboration with Instabox, has launched an export innovation that reduces export costs compared to traditional air freight companies. This innovation enables an increased focus on exporting to private customers in the Nordic region.

“ella&il sets an example for the retail industry. With their focus on the customer journey, there’s no room for chance in the value chain, and their attention to detail is likely a key reason why customers are so fond of their products. With the brand they’ve managed to build, I’m confident that ella&il will continue to be a significant player in both the Norwegian and international markets for years to come.”

Gustav Jebsen, General Manager and Founder