Who are our customers?

360 Logistics specializes in handling large order volumes in a short amount of time. Our primary customers are companies that sell directly to end consumers (B2C) through their own online stores. Our automation is tailored for businesses that sell small items, typically cosmetics, clothing, and pharmacy products.

Additionally, we have hybrid customers who sell both online and through physical retail channels. This includes customers who have their own stores as well as larger retail chains.

Among our customers, you’ll find companies with varying histories. What they have in common is that they typically process more than 5000 e-commerce orders per year and have annual revenue ranging from two to 200 million.

We aim to provide the highest quality fulfillment service at a reasonable price. Therefore, we assume that our customers are professionals who understand that running an online store and logistics are integrated aspects that must operate in collaboration.


Happy customers are our bread and butter. Please find below what some of our customers say about us.