Myyk - From Idea to Success in the Bedding Industry

Myyk is the realization of a dream to provide everyone with the luxurious feeling of freshly ironed bed linen, without it being a costly investment. The foundation of Myyk was built on five key principles that would shape their identity and success in the bedding industry.

  1. Affordable Price: Myyk aimed to offer high-quality bed linen at a price that was reasonable in relation to the quality they delivered.
  2. Fantastic Quality: Myyk set out to create the softest bed linen ever, giving customers the sensation of sleeping in luxury every night.
  3. World-Class Customer Experience: Making it simple and worry-free to purchase bed linen was a core principle for Myyk. Their dedicated customer service was the proof of their commitment.
  4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: Myyk selected a factory with the right certifications and a commitment to resource recycling, becoming a crucial part of their business philosophy.
  5. Customer’s Voice: Customer feedback was at the heart of Myyk’s product development. From the start, they understood that customer insights would shape their path forward.

The Journey to Success

Myyk embarked on this journey with these principles as their compass. They understood that providing quality at the right price was the key to meeting people’s needs and desires. Their dedication to delivering superior customer service and creating a straightforward and user-friendly shopping environment made them stand out in a competitive industry.

The company has undoubtedly done a lot right. Since 2019, the company has gone from zero to [xx] in revenue. In 2022, Myyk received recognition from Klarna when they were named winners in the Small Business category at the Klarna Growth Awards.

To make sure that Myyk delivers the world’s best customer experience, 360 Logistics ensures that all orders received before 3:00 PM can be delivered with Porterbuddy on the same day. Delivery is available seven days a week.

“Myyk is a great example of what can be achieved in a short time when making the right choices. Myyk has excelled in brand building, marketing, and partner selection. As a result, they are likely the most beloved bedding manufacturer in Norway. With their professional approach, it’s a pleasure to work with the Myyk team.”

Gustav Jebsen, General Manager and Founder

“To quickly gain momentum, we needed to find a partner with a well-functioning logistics system. What’s cool is that the collaboration began when we were still in the concept stage. We have thus taken part in each other’s journeys and established a strong foundation for continually creating better customer experiences.”

Halvard Simonsen, Strategial Advisor