Our integrations (100+)

360 Logistics is integrated with most e-commerce platforms and ERP systems in Norway. When all systems work together, life becomes easier for our customers.

Common to these integrations is

  • All orders from your online store are automatically transferred to our logistics system and processed without any extra effort on your part
  • You get real-time inventory management. You have full visibility of your inventory to avoid selling items that are not available
  • You can keep your customers informed with tracking information and delivery updates
  • We prioritize data security. The integrations ensure the safe transfer of information, which is automatically deleted after a certain period

Below, you’ll find a selection of the most common systems we are already integrated with.

eCommerce platforms

Accounting systems and ERP

Return handling systems

Freight providers, TA-systems and TMS

Other integrations

Our WMS is also integrated with a wide range of other systems. Read more about integrations here.
If you miss an integration, we have good experience that this can be developed.