Purchasing systems

Through our WMS, we are integrated with Inventoro, Inventory Planner, and Madden Analytics.

Inventoro is a tool for inventory forecasting. The software assists users in keeping inventory low while ensuring high product availability. Inventoro employs algorithmic forecasting at a company-wide level to determine future demand. It achieves this by analyzing historical sales data, forecasting future sales, and creating an optimal daily purchase list. In essence, Inventoro helps you purchase only what will sell and in the minimal necessary quantity to satisfy future demand.

Inventory Planner is a data-driven tool used for inventory forecasting and optimization. Our WMS has developed an integration with Inventory Planner that allows for collecting purchase orders created by Inventory Planner and reporting back to Inventory Planner when the purchase order has been delivered to the warehouse.

Madden Analytics is an inventory planning tool for brands and retailers to forecast sales and stock levels. By using Madden Analytics, companies can manage current inventory (re-allocation, reordering, activation of slow-moving items, etc.) and plan long-term purchases on an SKU level. The data in Madden Analytics is automatically updated from integrations with the customer’s relevant systems.