Sustainable eCommerce

Online shopping is on the rise and will dominate the entire retail industry within a few years. As a leading and future-oriented Fulfilment company we have the potential to create and accelerate positive ESG impact in every step of the value chain.

Stock optimisation

Our WMS integrates with several leading procurement systems to help you prevent obsolete stock. Our Autostore provides a good overview of inventory stock in real-time, helping you to ensure good inventory management. Do you want to read more about stock optimisation? Press here

Sustainable last-mile options

Our centrally located warehouse enables last-mile delivery with fully electric transportation adapted to modern city infrastructure.

Reduced line haul

Locate your goods closer to the customer and enable up to 20x more efficient volume utilisation on line haul transport. Customers serving the Norwegian market from a centralised EU-based warehouse have the potential of reducing their emissions significantly by partnering up with a local Fulfilment provider. Read more about distributed inventory here

Plastic-free packaging material

We pack orders with a fully automated packaging machine with 100% plastic-free material. 360 Logistics strives to be at the forefront of the transition toward a more sustainable eCommerce industry. It constantly explores the opportunities in automation to reduce the environmental footprint of each shipped order.

Empowering local commerce

We empower local commerce by making automated and data-driven Fulfilment services widely available. Empowering smaller eCommerce businesses to compete against big-tech allows customers to buy locally, and yet benefit from a broad product selection and a positive customer experience.


At 360 Logistics, there is room for everyone. Our warehouse employees has background from several nationalities and are evenly distributed between both genders. Diversity enriches us culturally and contributes to better performance.