Success stories

360 Logistics aims to provide our customers with a competitive advantage in the world of commerce. We intend to achieve this by offering the market’s best and fastest logistics services at a reasonable price. We are proud that several of our customers have been awarded titles such as “Online Retailer of the Year” from both and Bring, as well as growth awards from Klarna Growth Awards.

Below, you'll find some relevant success stories highlighting what some of our customers have gained from being with 360 Logistics.

“Our core competence is creating timeless and feminine classics designed to last year after year. Therefore, it was natural for us to seek a logistics partner. 360 Logistics has proven to be the reliable partner we needed, demonstrating the ability to scale logistical solutions according to ella&il’s requirements.”

“To quickly gain momentum, we needed to find a partner with a well-functioning logistics system. What’s cool is that the collaboration began when we were still in the concept stage. We have thus taken part in each other’s journeys and established a strong foundation for continually creating better customer experiences.”

“We knew we were going to 360 the second we stepped into their fulfillment center in Oslo. The automation systems, the people, the routines, and the follow-up we have received make other players seem like they are stuck in the 80s.”

“Apotera has had an incredible journey since we started up in August 2020. Partnering with 360 logistics from the very beginning has been an important factor in our growth. In 2021 we were awarded the recognition as the best eCommerce business of the year by”

“Initially, we were a bit concerned about outsourcing our warehouse to a 3PL company. But had we known what we know today, we would have done it long ago. The main reason for choosing 360 Logistics is that you can expect an effortless onboarding process and seamless order handling in no time.”

“360 logistics is an important contributor to growth, both in terms of efficient order handling and as a valuable logistics expert to advise all our brands. We highly recommend partnering up with these people!”